4. Kyoto as a Capital Began with Shogunzuka

This land is located right on top of Shijo-dori Street that runs through the center of Kyoto. Folklore tells that when Emperor Kanmu was to determine a capital, he first climbed the mound accompanied by Wake no Kiyomaro, and then decided Kyoto to be the capital. After having the image of the Shogun buried in armor, he prayed for the peace and security of the newly found capital. The Shogunzuka area extends about 20m in all directions.

Shogunzuka’s Background

The construction of Shogunzuka is depicted in one of Toba Sojo’s picture scrolls.
It is written in the Genpei-Josuiki that whenever there is a calamity in the world, the hill will rumble.

In recent times, there are hand-planted pines from and stone pillars for people such as Admiral Togo, General Kuroki, Okuma Shigenobu, and Takeo Kikuchi. Here, famous figures of the past would ponder the future of Japan as they gazed over Kyoto.