The Garden, a Destination for Japanese Maple and Cherry Blossoms

Plants and flowers such as Japanese maple (about 220 trees), cherry blossoms (about 200 trees), Genpei weeping peach trees, wisterias, rhododendrons, and azalea, are planted in the garden that extends from the observation deck.
This garden is noted particularly for its cherry blossoms and autumn colored leaves. A light up event is held during the fall and spring allowing you to enjoy a night scene of oneness between Kyoto and the autumn colored leaves in the garden or with the cherry blossom trees.
In addition, the Seiryuden garden is a strolling style garden that includes a Karesansui (Japanese rock garden). Since this garden was made in the Muromochi period - using the most artistically and technologically advanced methods available at the time in Japan - just by taking a glance one can see that this was an ambitious project where the idea of its producer is overflowing to the very corners of the garden. Moreover, the distant view of Mt. Nishiyama from the pavilion is an example of a stunning backdrop scene.